Widely Spread Smooth Pussy

Posted July 28, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

smooth pussy

Carla is a girl that loves to toy around and she proves just that in her amazing series of video and hi res pictures. Look very close to the picture and you will notice her small battery operated friend sitting right where we want to be: between her freshly waxed pussy lips. That smooth pussy of her is having the time of her life, judging by Carla’s smile. A chick that is being penetrated deeply and at the same time is smiling and spreading her legs high has to be a bit of a fruitcake, right? She’s a joy for the eye, though and a real pleasure for the ears too. Check out all of her material in her extensive image gallery!

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Waxed Pussy Fetish

Posted July 21, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

waxed pussy

Most people that visit this page have a waxed pussy fetish and so have I. And I am proud of it! I don’t like my beavers hairy and I don’t like coughing up hairballs after I went down on a beautiful girl. Some women have the fetish too, like the one in the clip. She can’t stand a single hair on her minge, so she keeps a perfect trim down there. The result is a perfect bald beaver and she is very happy she can share it with us. Check the rest of this hot babe and plenty of other smooth shaven pussies after the click.

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Pierced Waxed Pussy

Posted July 14, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

waxed pussy

When you’re a fan of waxed pussy, you’re going to love this chick. She has her muff plucked clean and there isn’t a single hair left on it. On top of that she had her clit pierced… twice! Not a single little ring for this mama, no sir. She immediately went for the double clit ring and she is nothing but satisfied with those twat ornaments. In fact, she couldn’t live without them anymore. Everything is better with them, she claims. Fucking, masturbating, even plain walking or a little breeze under her skirt feels better with a clit ring. Off course there can’t be any pubes in the way, so waxing the vagina is a must.

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Provocative Babe Shows Her Smooth Beaver

Posted July 7, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

smooth beaver

Don’t you love it when a girl looks at you and you can read in her eyes she is ready for a good fuck? This is one of those babes. She is generously licking her thumb and holding her piece of fruit ready to perform a suggestive blowjob. She is going to lick and suck that piece of fruit so hard, you can imagine it’s going to explode on her face. She sits with her smooth beaver exposed and she wants nothing more than to get your hard cock inside her wet snatch. Get inside to see her perform all of he naughty moves!

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All The Bald Pussy Pics You Can Handle

Posted June 30, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

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I am going to make you a bold suggestion. I am going to get you access to one of my favorite websites for a very special price. I can’t give it for free, because that just wouldn’t be right. I did get you a special deal, though. You don’t have to worry about spending a dime too much. You can get your access to tons and tons of video featuring shaved girls. There are more bald pussy pics than you can handle, I swear. Get it now, for only $ 19,95 per month. That’s right: less than a dollar per day! You can have all the silky sweetness you want for almost no cash. So don’t wait, stop looking at those tiny pics and short clips: get your full membership today.

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Hot Slut Enters Her Waxed Pussy With A Banana

Posted June 23, 2016 By Waxed Pussy

waxed pussy

This horny babe doesn’t mind posing for the camera with her legs widely spread. Her waxed pussy is brilliantly smiling at us while she penetrates it with a ripe banana. I don’t know what to think about women who masturbate with food, but this is a very hot sight. Her shaved pussy pink gets split by that yellow fruit and she is obviously enjoying it. She tops it off with a nice set of tits. You can tell by looking at her see through top and I can tell because I have seen her full nudity and solo masturbating photo shoot. Click through if you want a piece of that!

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